We value our partnerships with carriers and offer the best communication, easy and accurate documentation. We offer various payment options and will always ensure that you will be paid in our 30 day payment terms with receipt of original proof of delivery. We also offer 24 & 48 hour quickpay options if wanted.

•We require that all carriers provide current insurance and license information for our files.

•We require that your drivers or your dispatch office contacts us immediately at time of pick up and delivery.

•A copy of a valid and clear proof of delivery is required to be emailed or faxed within 24 hours of delivery and originals must be mailed to us within 5 days of delivery.

Aok Freight, LLC takes great pride in the carriers that represent us. Since we want to develop a strong relationship with our carriers we have developed a CARRIER PRIDE program. What this means is that we make sure that you have all the information that you need to pick up and deliver your shipment promptly and safely, give you online access to loads, a dispatch and sales team ready to answer your questions and get you on your way to make that shipment.

For more information on becoming a qualified carrier with Aok Freight, LLC contact us at
816-301-6226 or email